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A leading blasting accessories suppliers in South Africa with a rich history extending 15 years. Our expertise has helped us to become one of the most trusted suppliers in this industry.

With clients that span the entire mining industry, from open cast and underground mining operations to quarrying who represent the ideology of our company, which is deeply rooted in the mining industry.

Our Services

With our focus on open cast and underground mining operations and quarrying, we offer the following services:

Blast hole Stemming using stemming trucks

Blast hole preparation 

Blast hole measurements such as temperature, water levels and hole depths

Sleeving of Hot Holes

Our Product Range

Our strategy is to engage and create personalized relationships with all our customers to ensure sustained and mutually beneficial business relationships. We will supply high quality products tailored to meet our customers’ requirements. Our technical advice and service delivery will be unmatched at competitive pricing and quick turnaround.